At.Mosphere Dubai
AT.Mosphere Burj Khalifa, Dubai. The world’s highest restaurant located on the 122ndfloor of the world renowned Burj Khalifa, features its design around a hushed palette of rich materials paired with bespoke original features. The intimate restaurant is chic and luxurious, created by calm shades of amethyst and cocoa in sumptuous textures.  Hand-polished wood panels clad the walls and arch up across the ceiling, leading the eye to floor-to-ceiling windows, while the bold architectural forms of the wood walls and ceilings evoke an intimate vault-like feeling. A sleek exhibition grill at the back of the room separates the main dining area from a private dining room and offers guests a discreet glimpse into the art of culinary creations. The restaurant’s understated luxury and refined details are carried through into the private dining room, where the coveted seats allow one to view a world class contemporary art installation and amazing views.

Across from the restaurant a separate doorway leads to the equally alluring bar and lounge. Deeper shades of amethyst in a rich combination of patterned velvets, natural woven textiles and leathers, create an effervescent setting for a fashionable, young crowd.  In place of the traditional bar design is a round “conversation table” anchored by a glass-enclosed back bar room, discreetly displaying  bottles through etched and backlit glass walls. The bar and its surroundings rest on a marble-clad, elevated platform overlooking the sunken and lushly textured VIP lounge furnishings, where each seat affords an incomparable view. Late at night, second to the mood and occasion, the DJ transforms the windows into canvases onto which dynamic contemporary images are projected from concealed state-of-the-art video projections – all  while overlooking the Dubai skyline, a totally singular sensation.

Photography: Eric Laignel