MO Bar Hyde Park, London
Mandarin Bar Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London. As part of the 2018 redesign which included the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park spa, Tihany Design returned to the iconic London hotel to give the popular MO Bar a new lifespan while retaining the elegance and sophistication known to the Mandarin Oriental brand. Refreshed to correspond more naturally to the interior language of neighboring Tihany-designed fine dining restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal. Vibrant blue and violet furniture and decorative patterned wall panels complement the central focus of the space: a striking gold frosted gradient glass wall partition at the bar counter. The richly detailed partition velis the bartenders and bottle display while enhancing line of sight just above the counter top. The redesign also included the addition of hand blown copper glass light fixtures cantilevered from the painted gold ceiling bridge above the bar. 


Photography: George Apostolidis