Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas
Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV.  Located within the heart of the world renowned Las Vegas strip, the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas at City Center presents the perfect harmony between contemporary urban sophistication and the hotel brand’s Asian roots. Acting as a design consultant for Adamson Associates Architects, Tihany Design created an urban oasis. The hotel’s quiet elegance offers a calm respite from the lively bustle of the streets outside. The ground floor lobby’s clean, minimal shell has been enhanced with Asian-inspired details and fine art, including a series of Jun Kaneko sculptures. Guests are transported up to the Sky Lobby, on the 23rd floor, which features a bespoke “gold bullion” wall. Backlit by the glittering Las Vegas skyline, Mandarin Bar exudes an ultra elegant scene. Dark wood floors, patterned blue and solid burgundy fabric paneled walls and ceiling, and midnight blue mohair-covered furniture, create the Mandarin Bar’s mysterious and intimate mood.

The low hanging parasol light fixtures draw guests into the tea lounge, where they can relax and enjoy a variety of Asian teas. Across the way, an all-glass suspended wine loft draws visitors into Twist by Pierre Gagnaire  where cracked plaster art walls resemble broken eggshells and 316 cast-glass light spheres float above guests, casting beautifully soft light on the tables below. The second floor provides guests with all day dining at MOzen, which has a clean, minimal, contemporary feel. The space also features a series of black & white artistically styled photographs by New York-based photographer and artist Bram Tihany. In addition, the floor is also home to the main ballroom, tailored in luxurious paldao veneer. On the ground floor, guests may enjoy an assortment of coffee, tea, savory treats, pastries, and gelatos at Amore Patisserie, which provides entry onto the infamous Las Vegas Boulevard.

Photography: George Apostolidis