CoDe - Costa Design Museum
The first-ever design museum on a cruise ship, CoDe (Costa Design Museum) was introduced onboard Costa Smeralda December 2019. Just as every major international city has a proud display of cultural heritage in its museums, CoDe was created to serve as the metropolitan epicenter of Costa Smeralda; the concentrated summary of the ship's theme, Italy's Finest. The collection's 470 exhibits of objects and furnishings, artifacts, anecdotes and fashion items are intricately connected to the history of 'Made of Italy,' a sentiment the represents the value of expertise and invention in the "Bel Paese," making these design objects true points of reference for Italy's global influence from the 1930s to the present. Composed of products most of which are still featured in the catalogues of internationally prominent Italian brands, the overview narrates the vitality of furnishings and objects that go beyond passing fashions to become lasting classics of Italian design.

Located on Deck 7 between two popular entertainment and dining venues, CoDe is both a captivating destination as well as an interactive 'pass through' attraction, encouraging guests to visit the museum multiple times during their cruise. Unlike any other passageway onboard, the museum’s highly contemporary stainless steel portal meets the unique design challenges of the space with a series of arches lit from the inside. As the rings of the tunnel separate, guests can veer off the pathway to explore the exhibition spaces to the right and left of the arches.Curator Matteo Vercelloni contributed expertise in Italian architecture and design to create an interactive and engaging experience that invites guest to step into Bel Paese through the most iconic Italian designs.CoDe crowns the new ship with a direct celebration of modern Italian design, from fashion and film to transportation and household objects, showcasing the broad and renowned creative Italian talents that transformed the world with innovation, design and style. 


Photography: Andrea  Martiradonna