Maison de la Categorie

Maison de la Categorie Seoul, South Korea. Located in the heart of Cheongdam-dong, Seoul’s upscale shopping neighborhood, Maison de la Categorie is a sophisticated, contemporary French Brasserie, loosely inspired by the Viennese Secession period. The turn of the century visual arts movement became known as the golden age of graphic design and illustration with marked design attributes including exceptional linear forms, geometric patterning, and intricate detailing. Maison de la Categorie speaks a design vocabulary reflective of the detailed craftsmanship and style of the period while expressing its own modern viewpoint. Notable features inspired by the Viennese Secession include a marble, inlaid floor, patterned window coverings, and intricate details on the railings and walls. The chic restaurant is housed in a modern, 6 story building with an abstract, glass façade that offers views into the dining room from the busy sidewalk. The entrance is located at street level where the restaurant features an outdoor terrace that converts to a sunny, sidewalk café in the warmer months. 



Once inside, the main dining room charms guests with a stunning, inlaid marble floor, bespoke furnishings handcrafted in Italy, and remarkable service stations that dual function as refrigerated displays for luscious cakes and pastries. Strung across the double-height ceiling of the dining room is a custom, hand blown glass sculpture resembling a pearl necklace that creates dynamic reflections of light throughout the space.Connecting the dining room with the mezzanine is an extraordinary stairway adorned with nickel plated steel railings that display geometric patterns. The walls of the restaurant showcase additional details in the form of meticulous, mother of pearl inlays. The mezzanine level features a glamorous bar, private dining room, and a striking, hand crafted steel and glass wine room that also has detailing in steel created by local artisans.The attractive restaurant sets a unique tone for the upscale neighborhood and a stylish ambiance for the area’s most desirable new dining destination. 

Photography: Inchul Kim, Sun Namgoog