The Westin Chosun Seoul
The Westin Chosun, Seoul, Korea  Situated in Seoul’s thriving business district, The Westin Chosun was the first western-style hotel in Korea when the original hotel opened in 1914. The luxury hotel is a source of national pride as the symbol of Korean hospitality, and was the only hotel in Korea to be named one of the ‘World’s Best Hotels’ on Condé Nast Traveler’s 2008 ‘Gold List’.

Located on the second floor, an eco luxury gym and fitness center provide a new focal point for guests with bold stripes of red blacklit glass inset on dark wenge columns. The windows look out to the bustling Seoul, allowing the space to feel the vigor and buzz of the cosmopolitan city below.  The third level evokes complete serenity and renewal, enhanced by the panoramic views of the Ninth Gate Garden upon entering the ivory and wood slatted wall Spa reception area. Within each of the gender-specific changing areas are relaxation rooms and wet areas. In keeping with serenity and luxury, the Pool Deck and Pool feature a dimpled stainless steel wall creating the sense of water ripples. While the definitive roof structure is reminiscent of the inside of a boat, casting dramatic shadows into the pool.

Photography: Nacasa & Partners